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A slice of life @ Jurong Junior College

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

"Go Further and Beyond."



This was first written and shared on Blogger - 7 May 2017, updated with latest pictures taken together in 2020.

"Welcome to JJC!" Our extra cheery juniors greeted us when we went back for Jurong Junior College's Open House on 12 January 2016.

I secretly thought, "Guess University didn't make us age as much as we thought we did," cause not many realised that we were actually alumni of the school and even offered to guide us around enthusiastically.

And that's the warmth, the friendliness, the welcoming JJ spirit. :)

Despite graduating years ago, my friends and I have been periodically visiting the school during special occasions. Sometimes, we'll just head back for a short reminiscing trip, or because we wanted to find our teachers for advice. We still keep in contact with our teachers, for they have been instrumental in shaping us who we are today.

We graduated in 2012. That's five years ago, time flies!

"Who says JC life would be easy? But no one told me it would be this tough." I recalled my JC days to be the darkest days of my life, but I have matured and moved on stronger and better. It wasn't easy, especially for me, but we've all survived this journey, together.

I am thankful that I have really dedicated and encouraging teachers in JJC. They are always there; guiding me along and believing in me. They gave me a lot of opportunities to maximise my potential and stretch myself further.

Many of my batch mates made the decision to join Teaching; inspired to become educators of tomorrow. No prizes for guessing who inspired them to take on the career path. JJC teachers are probably the most dedicated, committed and inspirational teachers ever. The nurturing culture is iconic and deeply seeded in every teacher's soul.

Loads of gratitude and bliss to be part of this amazing JJ experience.

Moments; Memories; Merger. 😞



淋湿我的岁月//而我却依然不知不觉 📚

这里是我不知不觉开始爱上写诗的地方 🌱

Many probably recalled fond memories shared with their friends, remembered their teachers, as well as the activities which they participated in during their schooling days, for these were what made the place so special - Our JJC; our Home.

Honestly, I missed the environment in JJC, as much as I missed the people who have made a significant difference in my life.

JJC has this artistic feel with all the bamboos and greenery around, which I really loved. It calms my mind and allows me to reflect after a long day at school. I spent hours appreciating nature's beauty and writing poems under that tree.

I still keep my amateur collection of poetry, for the love for the language continues to blossom.

JJC was the place where I grew to love poetry writing, learnt to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese culture in such depth, and strived to be an effectively bilingual communicator.

To highlight, being part of the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) experience in JJC also opened me up to many opportunities, and it groomed me into a better individual. I was proud to say that I stepped out of my comfort zone; to be given a chance to lead and even represent the school for various events and activities, as we interacted with our peers from other CLEP schools.

Simply because we miss our school this much, we visit JJC periodically, even years after graduation.

And we persevered long enough before Mr Ho; our Economics teacher, finally decided to take a picture with us. It had been four long years of pestering. That particular day, we all felt like we struck lottery, because Mr Ho finally didn't decline our offer to take a picture together. Mr Ho actually warned us not to post his pictures (anyhow on the social media), but I guess he's a package along side JJC, so I gotta break my promise for this post.

Finally, a picture taken together during National Day in 2015. Mr Ho is a dedicated, committed and student-oriented teacher who literally "lives" in school cause he's always there for students' consultations. For those who were familiar with him, you'll probably know his style.

As a form of "motivation", he told us that we can only take a picture if we all get an A for Economics for our A Levels. Technically, I'll never ever get a picture with him, cause I got a B for A Levels. Yet that B was really valuable to me; I had a track record of straight U(s) throughout my two years in JC, no matter how hard I studied. Getting a B for Economics was already a shock of my life, and it meant a lot.

Like Mr Ho said it, "Nothing is Impossible. You are responsible for your own learning. Set the tone right. Have the correct mindset and positive attitude. "

These were the life-long values which our teachers passed on to us. For where would we be, without our dedicated and committed teachers in this journey? #keepJJCname

I once wrote this paragraph on 12th October 2012 - our Graduation day - the very day whereby we semi - officially "graduated" from JJC. There, we're on our own to begin our journey; our fight against A Levels.

"No matter how tough the road ahead may be and will be, it is the journey to where I am now, that matters the most. All the things I have learnt, values inculcated and impressed upon me that will bring me further in life. Learning is not only about academic - related learning. It is also about values - learning and many things more than only academics. The journey of self - discovery, achieving the best that I can be and this process of evolution, both mentally and physically, that shaped who I am today."

It's the culture, the spirit and the desire to do better, to go further and beyond.

A neighbourhood Junior College we may be, but Jurong Junior College is a place where thousands of graduates once called their second Home.

Those formative two years in JJC shaped many of us, and helped build us to become who we are today.

The best teachers don’t give you the answer, but they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself.

To be honest, JJC was never a part of my plans, even though my older brother graduated from the school. I actually wanted to pursue my education in Polytechnic after graduating from Secondary School. But through it all, I have gained so much that I never thought I would. It was indeed a blessing in disguise, for JJC moulded me to be a stronger individual, able to take on greater challenges, be of good character and have certainly value - added my life.

I am thankful that I graduated from JJC, and I am proud to be a JJ alumna.

"JJC teachers have taught me well."

I hope that JJC's name will be preserved, but no matter what happens, it will always have a special place in my heart. It is a beautiful memory.

From Jurong Junior College to Jurong Pioneer Junior College, after many years of graduation, some things never changed.

I still keep in contact with our teachers, many years after graduation. I still consult my teachers when I need to seek wise words of advice.

So, this is my story. What's your JJ story? :)


- Thank you for following through this article. If you are interested to read more, click here.

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