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An Adventure

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.”-Helen Keller

My mum, she's ready for an adventure. Are you? Sneaky picture taken at Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore.

This was first written and published on Blogger - 22 July 2012, 11.42am.

I was thinking out loud, and looking through some old blog posts. And I found this post, unexpectedly. Sometimes I wonder what was I experiencing in life then, just as I recorded these words. Did I expect myself to feel just like this, many years down the road? --

Adventurer. Fighter. Optimist.

Yes, I choose to believe that at the end of the day, ultimately everything will be alright. You may lose some things, some people along the way, but remember that you will gain some. Those who stayed; those who returned and stayed; those who somehow found you and stayed, they are the ones who make your journey worth it.

Somehow, you will just know if they are. Just follow your heart. 💖

And when you feel really tired, give yourself a break. Even if by doing so, things may change but you shouldn't make yourself feel so tired. Treat yourself right, even when other people aren't treating you right. You deserve to be happy.

Sometimes, I do wish that I could to return back to the times where everything seems so much easier and I was more carefree, with nothing much that was truly bothering me.

But it's okay! 'cause yes, everything will be alright eventually. I believe.



"There goes a fighter, there goes a fighter

Here comes a fighter

That's what they'll say to me, say to me, say to me

This one's a fighter"

The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes

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