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An unfamiliar bus ride

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

【Reflection】Wandering - An unfamiliar bus ride

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J. R. R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings

Written on 9 December 2014.

I boarded a random bus which stopped in front of me. It was a move on impulse. I did not even look at the number of the bus and it was needless to say that I have no idea where it was bringing me to.

Nothing on the road and this journey seemed familiar, at all. The driver I met, the passengers who boarded the bus and the scenery that greeted me. Yet I amazingly feel comfortable just sitting on the seat, looking out of the window and observing as buildings, cars and trees pass by.

Numerous thoughts came running through my mind as I missed a few opportunities to actually alight at a familiar place. I just didn't want nor feel like getting down the bus.

I was nervous at first, some moments feeling a little panicky because I was further and further from where I knew. Eventually, I chose to sit comfortably on the bus and just wait to see where this bus may bring me to.

Further and further I am from my familiar comfort zone, but I look forward to knowing where I am heading to.

No idea if it was meant to be, but I was feeling so blessed by such beautiful iconic elements on this journey. Amazingly scenic views along the long ride; the sky was clear blue and white fluffy clouds seem to be dancing as the wind gently blew. Cars of different colours, brands and labels whizzed past one after another on the highway. Some roads, landmarks and buildings were identifiable, while others were just leaving a trace on this long journey.

Passengers alighted and more passengers board the bus. The difference between the passengers and me? They knew where they were going but I didn't.

Many pressed the bell and alighted upon reaching their destination. I didn't have any in mind. I just wanted to see where this bus would bring me to. Or perhaps where life would bring me to, because I felt like I lost the meaning to life.

Perhaps I was just too comfortable watching my life zoom past. And I missed those times I let myself wander and be lost on such long bus rides from one end to another end of Singapore.

By the end of this journey, I would have sorted out my thoughts and be able to move on...

By the end of this journey, I would be mentally stronger, to face the tough challenges ahead...

By the end of this journey, I would have dumped the burden which was on my back onto this bus...

By the end of this journey, I would have seek the enlightenment in life...

By the end of this journey, I would be ready to embark on further and better...

By the end of this journey, I would be fine...


Running thoughts.

Clouding up my mind.

Lost in trance.

It was almost two hours then I finally arrived at my destination. As I alighted from the bus, I turned and stopped to stare at the bus. It was a bus which a wanderer like me would have never taken if it was not an impulse move. Thank you for the ride.

Left wandering and just waiting to see where life may bring me to next. Come what may, I think I am ready.

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