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Don't Worry, Be Happy

🏖 Don’t worry too much.

It’s okay, to feel this way, sometimes.

You may seem small.

You may seem lousy.

You may seem unappreciated.

You may seem like the odd one out.

Not everyday is a sunny day with clear blue skies.

I hope you know that you are never a burden. I hope you know that everything is possible. I hope you know that you matter so very much. I hope you know that you can do great things.

Don’t worry so much. Talk to someone, just like me.

I’ll try to understand.

I’ll try to listen.

I’ll try to feel.

I’ll try to be there for you.

There isn’t really a one size fits all solution.

Take your time to figure things out but take control. Take your time to understand and go through this - your life. 💪

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