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Engineering for a better tomorrow

"Engineering isn't only about building grand structures.

It connects spaces.

It enhances lives.

It solves complex problems.

It is also about planning for tomorrow."

This was first written and shared on Blogger - 23 March 2017.

Picture taken at Seng Kang Public Library;

a beautiful common space for all,

where extensive Engineering, Art and Design come alive.

"Spaces, they excite me. The ability to do intensive research, come up with raw ideas and materialise them. Our ideas become real." A budding young engineer spoke passionately about his discovered love for Engineering while studying in Polytechnic. "My lecturers, they guide me and share their stories. I cannot wait to make a difference as well." He spoke extensively about his final year project and I can see how much effort went into the whole research process.

He was soon graduating from Polytechnic, with big plans to further his studies; an intelligent young man, highly skilled in his area of studies. He was not the only graduate whom I spoke to, many others shared their inspiring stories as well.

"I get the learning opportunities to build my dreams and research extensively. The three years of rigorous curriculum and hands-on activities shaped who I am today. I am ready for the world of Engineering." A petite young female engineer elaborated on her project and shared about the relevant and applicable skills which she learnt in school. I was so mesmerised by those bright sparkles in her eyes as she spoke with gusto. She also shared some of the fears which she had to overcome; especially being the minority in her male - dominated classes. Sadly, there wasn't enough time for a deeper conversation.

"The use of technology aids transformation in our homes. We are constantly coming up with new solutions. Solving complex problems may be challenging, but Engineering gives me satisfaction in life." Many other future engineers-to-be also expressed similar thoughts through the many conversations.

I was never a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) kind of person. Truly thankful that the budding Engineers whom I had conversations with, were patient enough to break down those scientific terms used into layman terms and help me understand their projects better.

Speaking with great confidence on stage about their latest research findings, these budding Engineers charmed everyone in the audience seats with their in-depth research and analytical skills. They also applied relevant knowledge into their choice field of studies and single-handedly built their prototypes.

Though they spend hour and hours inside the laboratories; most of the time dealing with countless failures, they come back even stronger the very next day.

They've inspired me to be a better individual no matter which field I am in, for their passion is real and highly contagious. Many may not understand what they do on a daily basis, but their determination in wanting to make a difference, was certainly a key in their success.

One left a deep impression:

"We work hard today, and aspire to build a better tomorrow."

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