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Everyday is a Blessing


"Cat, cat, cat," the mother pronounced clearly and slowly, yet softly into her daughter's ears. And the little girl clapped and smiled excitedly. I reckon it could be her first up close encounter with a little kitten. She was very much amused.

"Say hello to cat cat, here's the food," the mother encouraged the little one to try. "I'll do it," her husband offered some food to the kitten, carefully. Quietly, the couple both squatted down to pat the kitten and the little girl waved her hands in the air.

I have always believed that it is important for children to live in the moment; for them to discover, appreciate and understand. It is definitely never too early for them to grow and learn as a person. Parents play an important role, for they are their role model, especially during their growing up years. They'll follow, imitate and perhaps behave, just like their parents.

"Meow, meow, meowwwww, " the kitten purred softly upon sensing the family's warmth, and it inched towards them.

"AT~ AT ~" The little girl shrieked as she waved to the kitten, cheerfully. "C~AT~"

Because you'll never get the same moment, twice. Here, I recorded the moment about how I came across this couple teaching their toddler to care for little animals. They were guiding their little one patiently - how to be gentle with the little kitten, yet do not fear and be kind. ❤️

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