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Reminder: Everything happens for a reason

This is a long reflection - honest and hopefully hope-filled.

It has been 7 long months, since I embarked on this journey to send daily encouragements.

To me, I was just having an honest conversation with myself and lending a listening ear to myself. And I believe that my strength lies in my burning passion to spread positivity and share emotional thoughts through writing.

Cultivating emotional resilience takes time, money, and plenty of commitment, and possibly the “option” to transform negative thoughts, sufferings and unhappiness into positive thoughts, challenges and joy.

It has been an uphill battle of building up my emotional resilience, a crucial quality which enables one to withstand hardship without crumbling in the face of adversity – be it academic or work stress, personal difficulties, and everything in between.

I knew I started this passion project because this journey ahead wasn’t going to be easy. Life felt like an impossible attempt, largely.

On some days, I feel defeated. I feel unproductive. Anxiety strikes. Helplessness. I woke up feeling lethargic and didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Mind boggling work issues that were not resolved just made me resistant to do work in a productive manner. I feel overwhelmed at work, studies and life. I feel unimportant, maybe?

On other days, I keep updating social media accounts to inform everyone that I am “alive”. This, honestly keeps me going. It was a method which I adopted to “speak to myself”, surround or perhaps drown myself in positive thoughts, in an attempt to embrace challenges and revitalise my tired soul.

I wasn’t just spending too much time on social media, I was trying, practising to heal myself and expand my state of life. I was reflecting, typing down reflections and thoughts. Analysing difficulties faces, working on issues and possibly find an answer - if I could.

Don’t give up when you feel discouraged- just take a break from the situation, pick yourself up and continue on, each time.

Just, Keep going. Never stop trying. Somehow, you will get through it all. 👍

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