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A Picture A Story: Moments Recorded

Updated: May 28, 2023

This was first written and shared on Blogger - 24 October 2015, during my 3 years of relief teaching experience at my alma mater.


" I am thankful for my Father because he wakes me up everyday at 6am to come to school, " said the first girl whom I called to share with all her classmates about whom she is thankful for today. "I am thankful for my Mother because she buys colour pencils for me to colour," said the little boy who sat at the special seat in front because he is often unable to concentrate in class.

Featuring a special request I made from the little boy that morning and he gladly did it. :) It all started because I shared with them how thankful I was when I saw the Sun that morning because I was feeling so cold and feverish. "Little things we see everyday are usually forgotten and left alone, unappreciated. Ms Lim is thankful for the big cheerful Sun being there to light up the day with a smile."

This triggered a thought in the kids. They were eager to share. And all the kids had a chance to share with everybody whom they are thankful for.

" I am thankful for my parents because my father works hard to earn money for the family and my mother cooks delicious food for me everyday, " said the boy who is supposedly labelled as the most notorious in class. At that moment as he stood in front and shared with the class, I had no idea if it was only me, or did he had tears rolling in his eyes. I got to admit, I could feel that he meant what he said.

" I am thankful for my 6 friends because they always play with me and help me with my work," said the girl who named all of her friends one by one and refused to end her Thank- You speech because all of her friends in class were so happy that they were appreciated and she wanted to go on and on.

"I am thankful for my sister because she helps me with my studies and also my best friend for being my best friend," said the quiet boy who always sits at one corner. He seems to be shaking a little as he stood in front to thank his only friend he had in class.

So one by one, the kids stood in front of the class to share with the class whom they are thankful for. It was not long before all 29 pupils in class had their chance.

Some pupils could not wait for their turn and were getting really excited for their turn. Others hesitated as they were really shy to be standing in front of the class to talk. Nevertheless, everyone mustered up their courage after repeated encouragement.

Before the lesson ended, the class chorused in unison, " Thank you Miss Lim! " And a few of the pupils raised up their hands and said:

" For teaching us about Respect! "

" For teaching us about (being) Thankful! "

" For teaching us how to do our Simple Past Tense worksheet! "

" For allowing me to go to toilet! "

" For listening to me share about my favourite book! " " For giving me a star chop on my Sun."

" For being here to teach us today. Thank you Miss Lim."

Things kids do to make your day. :) I am truly thankful.

- The End - On a side note, this story was written based on a true story. :)

Thank you for taking time to read this article as I embark on this journey to document these little moments which I observed in my daily life while working as a primary school teacher in my alma mater.

This could perhaps be a meaningful and heartwarming way to watch our children grow up through pictures which speak a thousand words. You could look back and be reminded of those days when you grow up too. :)

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