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All Feelings are Valid


It was through stories. It was through conversations. It was through listening with intent, that I realised - remembering a person isn't only in the form of emotional attachment, or even grieve...

"Some choose to mourn for the loss in grieve, others' lives continued on as per normal. But that doesn't mean he or she isn't sad about the loss. They just knew that life had to carry on." She explained with tears in her eyes. "I mourn in black, but I cannot expect everyone to be in such dull colours too. Each of us has our own way of remembering him. And we respect that."

"We all have our own way of paying our last respect to a dear one which we have lost." She fumbled over the last few words a few times before she finally completed the sentence. She wiped off tears which were rolling down her cheeks.

All feelings are real, valid and noteworthy. Don’t deny, acknowledge them. || A recent reminder that noting down feelings and emotions then reading them after a few years, does bring self awareness about growth and strength. 💪

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